Gardner Altman, Jr. General Counsel at Greenassets, Inc.

ServantThe authors are well known as a veteran law enforcement officer and legal scholar; and, an inspirational pastor with a theologically sound and analytical style of speaking and delivery. The prologue and first two chapters clearly state the intent and purpose of this writing. They fulfill by design and with strong purpose their stated intent. This work is not entertaining, but most informative; highly focused, but not boring. I observe that this “narrowly-cast” and concise work shall become a frequently used and heavily relied upon handbook and planning tool for church leaders a clear and direct strategy for eliminating or solving problems and achieving current and future goals. The Servant Organization for Jesus is a much needed tool for all church leaders today and the circumstance within which they find themselves as they struggle and strive to serve, minister and lead.

Gardner Altman, Jr.
General Counsel at Greenassets, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC

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