Tim Gilligan, Pastor, Meadowbrook Church

ServantIf you are a pastor, church leader or a believer who leads anything of substance, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to you! First of all, I commend Dr. Drexel Brunson and Ed Dean to you. Their message has weight because each of their lives has integrity and a proven track record. I respect them as effective leaders and I value them as friends.

The Servant Organization for Jesus is an engaging, well researched, scripturally sound book that is designed for practical application and measurable improvement. Each of the four cornerstones presented include practical pointers for implementation. It is a call for us, as leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ, to do better than we are doing. The stakes are high and the cultural climate continues to shift. This book will help you to navigate the challenges and dynamics of leading in the 21st century. This book will awake you to the need for courage, excellence, change and action. At the same time, it will bring answers and hope.

You are holding more than a book. You are holding a resource and a needed tool!

Tim Gilligan, Pastor
Meadowbrook Church
Ocala, FL

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