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Any and all churches have three problems in common: unity, front door issues and back door issues. Regardless of size or location this is a perpetual problem in the churches of the United States.

ServantThis seminar built off the back of the “Servant Organization for Jesus” book will present a four point framework that will help each church find the answers for their church to address these three universal problems and more.

Designed to be affordable to all Pastors and staff, and designed to not require an overnight stay the “Servant Organization for Jesus” seminar will inform, motivate and serve as a stimulus to church leadership to engage in a journey that will lead to operational excellence. The seminar will lead to church satisfaction because of their excitement about the future.

What others are saying about the Seminar:

“I am still in the afterglow of the overwhelming response to your ‘The Servant Organization for Jesus’ seminar which the Lord led me to sponsor for teachers and ministry officers and staff of St. John Lutheran Church, Ocala, Florida, and this past weekend.

I believe that everyone in attendance was inspired, challenged, and made aware of the benefits of doing the Lord’s business the Lord’s way you taught in a most interesting and engaging way.

Exciting new ideas to improve our organization are already being birthed, and our school principal is so impressed she is having it taught to the teachers who were unable to attend. Our stewardship chairman has devoted over half of his monthly newsletter column to the positive effect this teaching is going to have on our Church operations. The Lord has certainly used you and Ed Dean to make a life changing contribution towards upholding and spreading God’s unchanging Truth in a radically changing culture.
I thank you for the blessing of being able to be a part of this seminar, and look forward excitedly to see how the Lord is going to use you and your work in the future.”

Your brother in Christ,
Robert W. “Bob” Van Hoose
Author, Homily Grits

“The seminar was organized by our brother in Christ, Bob Van Hoose, and led by Dr. Drexel Brunson. The day and a half seminar was designed to introduce leadership principals that churches, like ours, should consider adopting. The principals that incorporate the idea of servant leadership‖ are those that emanate from a servant’s perspective. That is, the leaders we most want to follow are those who lead by making sure the needs of the others in the organizational structure are met first. This is the method employed by Jesus when he organized his twelve disciples. Jesus made sure they learned that they who would be a leader must first serve others… It is now up to our congregation and church leadership to follow up on the concepts discussed at our seminar and to develop the plan to implement the various elements of servant leadership to make our church and congregation more welcoming to visitors and new members, to expand our ministry and outreach to the non-member school families, to look for ways to grow our church body and to utilize our members’ vast and deep collective talents, and gifts for bringing more people to know the Lord as their personal savior.”

Jon Dean
Attorney At Law
Stewardship Chairman
St. John’s Lutheran Church, Ocala, FL

Sign up for the Seminar nearest you and purchase the book for immediate insight into the four point framework in the “Servant Organization for Jesus” seminar.

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