Disrupting God

     My wife Pam and I have in the last eleven months become empty nesters. We are separated from our children and we have attained a status in life where we bury our friends. One of the pains of passing years is the
constant loss of love objects. The measure of our love has not diminished, 
but the persons willing to  accept it and respond to our love becomes 
fewer and fewer. 
        What I have noticed is that we have begun or personalize our two dogs to compensate for this lack. We pet them, give them treats, take them places, all to release some of our pent up love. In return, our two dogs, Sadie and Rev, furiously wag their tails and jump around us to return the affection, and we eat it up.
        If I understand God correctly He too must have a love interest for His love to be complete. Again my friend Judson Cornwall has deepened my understanding of us being the love interest of God when he notes that Lucifer, the highest if God’s created beings in a Heaven, was once the object of God’s love in Heaven. Lucifer received God’s love, reflected God’s  love throughout Heaven amongst the angels and then gathered their responses to return love to God . However, the fourteenth chapter  says Isaiah teaches that Lucifer became proud and eventually sought to replace God as the source of love. When Michael and his angels cast Lucifer out if Heaven (Rev 12), it left God without a responsive love object  and the energy of God ‘s love was diminished. 
         It is plain to see that Adam and Eve were created to become God’s love objects. The arrangement was equally satisfactory to the first couple
in their relationship to God. Adam and Eve did not have the majesty of Lucifer but they did have procreative abilities insuring that God would always have a plurality of objects to receive and respond to His divine love.
         Lucifer, known as Satan on the earth, was displeased to see God so completely fulfilled  in their role of being the replacement objects of the divine love. So, in the form of a snake Lucifer enters the Garden of Eden and succeeded in cutting the return line of divine flow . It is unlikely that Satan had any animosity toward the first couple. He wanted to disrupt 
the back and forth flow flow  divine love to and through them. Lucifer knew that such a divine flow was regenerative to God  and he wanted Gid to founder , not flourish. Because of his training in Heaven, Lucifer knew he could not disrupt the flow of divine love from God, so he worked on the return line. Adam’s deliberate disobedience  to God’s word disrupted the flow of divine love back to God. 
        The results were painful to Adam and Eve, but the results were immensely more painful to God. Once again the flow of divine love was halted. God’s love was frustrated because it could not flow. However , God was not caught by surprise. The Lord knew this act of rebellion would occur  before the world was created. So God entered the Garden, slew an animal and let that animal’s blood cover the sin of the first couple. Adam
probably did not understand that this animal represented the coming of Jesus who would shed His blood on the cross, thus creating a path for all who will to be restored to the love flow of God. John says it this way, “For 
God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”, 
(Jn 3:16). 
       God has done His part to restore the flow of divine love. The next move is ours. We must respond to the gracious offer of God  to come into divine love by making His Son Jesus who is the Messiah, our personal Savior and Lord. Then and only then is the flow of divine love established with us and until we accept Jesus as Savior the flow of God’s love is disrupted in our life. He loves us but that love is not returned to Him outside of Jesus being our Lord. But inside of Christ the love of God is very satisfying to us and we gleefully return it Father a God. 
See Judson Cornwall, “Lord, It’s Me Again”, Bridge Publishing, Chapter 9

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