God No Longer Has Authority

Although we consistently blame God and others for our circumstances and conditions we usually determine our own destiny by our choices.

“Man can decide to live honestly and to follow basic principles of life that God has given in His Word even without reading the in the Bible, because God has written these principles on the heart of man; they are in his conscience. Man can choose to follow good or evil, and some succeed in becoming ‘good’ persons without ever becoming godly Christians.” (Judson Cornwall, “Equipping the Saints”, July 1986, p 9).

Where there is no outward interference with freedom of choice, a person’s occupation, marital status, and recreational activities even political convictions and government are a result of choice. In many ways we are the master of our own fate.

“The principle that man’s choices determines God’s actions is too often overlooked  or ignored as we view some of the tragic areas of man ‘s life” (ibid). When we examine tragedy, human suffering and the indignity   humans impose upon fellow humans we can ask the question “why does God allow this to continue?” and indeed it is a common question.  “But the issue is not God’s ability–it is God’s authority. Whoever God has conferred authority upon man, God no longer has authority (ibid). Therefore, the right to will is the right to limit God’s intervention in our affairs.

God has given His children free choice, and we have to live with the consequences of those choices. God ,who gave man authority, will not override that authority. He will not step in to override the working of natural law that predetermines the end from an action. There are many cause and effect principles at work in life, but people seem to not want to recognize that the effect they dread is produced by an act of their own free will. To anticipate that God will intervene and automatically reverse the effect after we have produced a cause  is to expect Him to take authority when He has given us that authority.  That God will not do. He is a sovereign God who is omnipotent but he cannot violate His own sovereignty. Authorities have been conferred upon we humans and He will not interfere, UNLESS….

– and this is a big “unless” – we sincerely  invites him to step into our affairs in His Sovereignty.

“This is the true  role of prayer for prayer is limited man granting an unlimited God permission to intervene in affairs on earth according to the Divine will in a Heaven” (Ibid). Release God to function in your life once again…He will.


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