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Disrupting God

     My wife Pam and I have in the last eleven months become empty nesters. We are separated from our children and we have attained a status in life where we bury our friends. One of the pains of passing years is the
constant loss of love objects....
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Complain, Complain, Complain

    All close relationships among people have their ups and downs.  Even
marriage fails to maintain a consistent emotional high between the spouses. The excitement of the courtship and the delight of the wedding eventually lead to an emotional plane that is often based on confrontation. Keeping the...
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Why, Why, Why

   The early Christian church must have thought that God did not know what He was doing and that He was making a serious mistake calling Saul of Tarsus into the Apostolic ministry. It is probable that many hundred "why"  prayers were prayed  fervently to God. God chose not answer those prayers by...
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No Shame

   My dear friend Judson Cornwall wrote about how to overcome shame . 
Referring to Jesus's story of the Prodigal Son and noting that Jesus told us everything necessary to understand the story and make application Judson also notes that many  details were not addressed, He points out that...
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