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Hungry Again

   No one likes to be hungry but it is a worldwide problem. In the USA, though parts of our population wrestle with hunger we by and large are
very affluent by the standards of this world. We are so affluent that we have to have diets to help...
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God No Longer Has Authority

Although we consistently blame God and others for our circumstances and conditions we usually determine our own destiny by our choices. "Man can decide to live honestly and to follow basic principles of life that God has given in His Word even without reading the in the Bible, because God has written these principles on the...
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Love begins set Home

For the 31 years I pastored I was vitally concerned about finding ways to show that God still loves the world and that He has not stopped having mercy on us. We today have to be His love extended to the world. I recall an article adapted from Mother Teresa's book "Heart of Joy: the Transforming...
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Changing God’s Mind

"God does not move by caprice nor does He change his mind without cause" this opening line of an article published by Judson Cornwall in the June 1986 local church magazine "Harvest Time" (pg 9), intrigued me. Dr Cornwall went on to explain that we have no written record in the Bible of angels changing the...
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