The Need

It is all around us, the pain, hunger, and longing for someone, anyone to care. From America to Asia, North of the Arctic to the Southern tip of Africa. Someone needs you.

The need of the world is profound. In the United States alone 1 in 6 people face hunger according to the website “Facts About Hunger”.

There are other facts:

  • Food insecurity exists in every county of the United States.
  • 50 million Americans struggle to put food on the table.
  • Over 20 million Americans receive free or reduced price lunch each school day.
  • In the USA hunger is not caused by a lack of food, but rather by the continual prevalence of poverty.

But hunger does not stop at the borders of the United States…hunger is global. According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization it is estimated that nearly 870 million people around the world, or 1 in 8 suffer from chronic undernourishment. (See 2013 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics).

There are also national and global medical issues. In the USA. according to the US Census Bureau, 49.9 million Americans do not have health insurance. That means 16.3% of United States citizens have limited healthcare. This lack of healthcare, to the Harvard Medical School Study in December of 2009, is associated with 44,789 deaths annually in the United States. (See HealthPAC online, Healthcare Statistics in the United States).

Internationally, the World Health Organization says that infectious diseases remain the world’s leading killer. These diseases cause 1out of 4 deaths. All of us understand the virulent tragedy of AIDS. long with that something seems to always be lurking ( remember the Bird Flu?).

I could easily continue citing needs but it would make this article too wordy. May I direct your Attention to The Solution.