Book: The Servant Organization for Jesus: A Framework for Church Excellence


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The Servant Organization for Jesus: A Framework for Church Excellence

by Drexel T. Brunson PhD, Ed Dean

Overview – This book is not about church doctrine. The purpose of this book is to provide a leadership and management framework which can improve church operations through the implementation of time-tested and proven practices which we call The Servant Organization for Jesus Framework. If you are a pastor, or a deacon, or if you are in some level of church administration, you should read this book.

We predict that this book will give the reader insight as to how church organizations can be improved significantly. It is our opinion that church organizations, like all other organizations of human endeavor, experience common organizational problems. However, the church organization experiences unique operational challenges because of their spiritual nature, coupled with the fact that church organizations are volunteer organizations. We also believe church organizations are empowered by the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world. The Servant Organization for Jesus can be used by the Holy Spirit to better fulfill the Great Commission.

All that is needed for positive change to occur in church operational performance is a willingness for church leaders to recognize that there may be a better way to do things. The Four Cornerstones of the foundation which support the Framework for The Servant Organization for Jesus have been successfully used in the private and public sectors. All of the components of the Framework are not only referenced in scripture, they are also referenced in the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Criteria for Achieving Performance Excellence.

It is our humble suggestion that The Servant Organization for Jesus presents a framework to assist church organizations in doing things better. Much, however, is at stake. There are souls to be saved through the preaching of Christ’s salvation plan. The Great Commission must be followed. How church organizations can better carry out the Great Commission is the subject of this book.

Paperback: 156 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (February 14, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1494231794
ISBN-13: 978-1494231798

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